Electric Vehicle show

The staff of Elizabeth Eason Architecture took advantage of a beautiful fall day to walk over to the East Tennessee Electric Vehicle Show in Market Square. The event was sponsored by the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition , Knoxville Electric Vehicle Association, and the City of Knoxville.

The show featured the latest in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and industry experts who spoke about how electric vehicles work and recharge.

Here is information from the event’s press release:

“While full-speed electric vehicles for the U.S. mass market are not in production yet, car manufacturers such as Nissan and Chevrolet are close to launching them here. Through a $100 million federal grant, Nissan has selected Knoxville—alongside Nashville and Chattanooga—to be one of eleven cities in five states where appropriate infrastructure will be constructed to prepare for the initial release of the Nissan LEAF in 2010 (more information can be found at www.theEVProject.com). As we prepare for these new vehicles in East Tennessee, the event is an ideal way to see and learn about EVs in a hands-on way.

“The ETCFC, KEVA and the TSEA are but three examples of the many organizations in our state that are helping to craft a new generation of educated Tennesseans so that they can make better choices about all their energy usage, including what cars they drive and how they are refueled,” says Jonathan Overly, Executive Director of the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition. ‘This event is a way to kick-start the electric vehicle education portion of all that is taking place in our region and state.’”

Listening to a sales representative tell us about the Wheego EV.