Larry Cox Senior Center Ribbon Cutting

Elizabeth Eason Architecture celebrated the ribbon cutting on the newly renovated Larry Cox Senior Center with the City of Knoxville on August 22, 2012.

Built originally to house a community gym, in recent years the building has been used as a senior center as shifting neighborhood demographics created a need for such a space. The center hosts varied programmed activities, including dances, group exercise sessions, craft activities, luncheons, and movie screenings. The renovation and addition proposed by Elizabeth Eason Architecture provide space for these current activities. It was also designed for future population demand changes, allowing for the building to be converted to a community gym again.


The new addition provided accessible restrooms, created an entry with a lounge for small gatherings, and an office space for the administrative personnel. Renovation to the existing space included energy efficiency upgrades, such as new lighting and windows. To achieve uniform, glare-free lighting in the building, awnings were added above the south facing windows. The remodel also included acoustic improvements for the multi-purpose room, which involved adding an acoustical ceiling and fabric-covered wall panels. Interior finishes for both new and existing spaces incorporated warm, reddish hues and wood elements to create a casual, welcoming feel.

With the new renovations in place, Larry Cox is better ready to serve seniors and community members alike.