LEED Gold- How did we do it? Part 6 of 9

Part 6: Materials

“(Materials and Resources) credits focus on two main issues: the environmental impact of materials brought into the project building, and the minimization of landfill and incinerator disposal for materials that leave the project building.” This includes “selecting sustainable materials, practicing waste reduction, reducing waste at its source, reusing and recycling.”

-US Green Building Council

Our first strategy to both reduce the impacts of materials brought into our building, while also minimizing the impacts of materials leaving the building, was to reuse as many materials as possible. With careful planning, over 60% of our total furnishing budget is attributed to reused materials.

The new materials that we used were chosen for their high recycled content, their local extraction and production, and their well-managed sources.

Our flooring is white ash, which was responsibly grown and harvested and then dried in a solar kiln, in Abingdon, VA


We used leftover white ash flooring, along with a salvaged slate billiard table, for our reception desk.


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