Beardsley Farm

The recently completed education building for Beardsley Community Farm provides office space, multi-purpose meeting room, and accessible restrooms for staff and the hundreds of students and volunteers that visit this urban farm each year.  A large covered outdoor space serves as an entrance to the farm, and place for volunteers to check in, and an… Read more »

WDVX Ijams Meadowlark Music Feastival

It’s almost here!  The WDVX Ijams Meadowlark Music Festival will be on Saturday June 25th from noon until 11pm.  This is one of our favorite summertime events.  What could be better than enjoying great music and food while outdoors at Ijams Nature Center?  The Urban Wilderness is just a trail away so you can stretch… Read more »

How to Prepare for the LEED Green Associate Test

Recently two members of our staff, Geoffrey Cavalier and Jason Cole earned their LEED Green Associate accreditation. Congratulations! USGBC says, “LEED Green Associates have a documented, up-to-date understanding of the most current green building principles and practices, and are committed to their professional future.” We couldn’t agree more! We asked Geoffrey and Jason to share… Read more »

Brush Creek Farm – Advanced Framing

Beth recently made a trip to Middle Tennessee to check on the construction progress of the Brush Creek Farm Residence. The foundation is complete and the wall framing has begun. For Brush Creek Farm, we utilized a framing method known as advanced framing. The goal of advanced framing is to minimize the amount of framing material used and to improve the thermal… Read more »

Brush Creek Farm – Reclaimed Materials

Middle Tennessee is known for farming tobacco and many north central Tennessee counties continue the practice today. In the fall, tobacco leaves are harvested, hung in wooden barns, and cured by fires that are kept at a smolder from three days to ten weeks. The surrounding area enjoys the wonderful aroma of wood smoke as the crisp cool days approach. The… Read more »

Why we love working downtown

Recently during a lunch and learn, a representative asked our staff if we enjoyed our office being downtown. Our response was quick and unanimous, yes! It may seem like a no brainer to us, but maybe we can shed some light on why we like our little home sweet home. First and foremost, we love… Read more »

Knoxville Montessori School nearing completion

The Knoxville Montessori School project is in the last 3 weeks of construction. Children and teachers will return to school in August and will see things a little differently. One of the first changes they will notice is a partial renovation to the original house on the property built in 1928. Here we were careful… Read more »

We use the Zip Car!

Just last week we took advantage of a new service in Knoxville brought to us in part by a grant for Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement and managed by Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization. The program is called Zip Car and while new in Knoxville, has been around for quite a while. It’s a… Read more »

The Green Machine is at it again!

  We have successfully started another season of volleyball with our colleagues in the AIA sponsored league as the Green Machine team. Only this time, there are two teams! Yep, that’s right, our office and friends of the office are so interested in the sport of volleyball (or trying to be athletic) that we’ve started… Read more »