Blueberry Ridge Senior Housing- LEED Platinum

Blueberry Ridge is an affordable, senior housing development that achieved a LEED platinum rating. As a result, this is a project that redefines what affordable housing can provide and achieve. Energy, lighting, water and materials have all been optimized for efficiency and to reduce maintenance costs and utility bills as much as possible. The project was designed with the constraints of budget and site, most of which is in a flood plain or TVA easement.  Consequently, the residents now enjoy a common park space with an accessible community garden, gazebo and constructed creek bed.

Blueberry Ridge provides 30 two bedroom units that average reduced energy use of 33% over a conventional residential building. All units are visit-able and one third of the units will be fully wheel chair accessible with accommodations including custom kitchen cabinetry adjusted for ease of use, roll-in shower and accessible bathroom shelving.

LEED Homes Scorecard PLATINUM 93/136
Location and Linkages

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Sustainable Sites

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Water Efficiency

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Energy & Atmosphere

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Material & Resources

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Indoor Environmental Quality

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Design Team

Elizabeth Eason Architecture LLC., Architect
Hedstrom Design, Landscape Architect
Land Water Engineering, Civil Engineer
Facilities Systems Consultants, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineers
Bender and Associates, Structural Engineer