Studios at 524 S Gay Street – LEED Gold

Our tenant build out of the second and third floors at 524 S. Gay Street has earned LEED Gold from the USGBC’s LEED Commercial Interiors rating system. Features include low flow plumbing fixtures, sustainably harvested wood floors, low VOC finishes, daylight sensors, and local materials. Our water savings is 40% over a conventional office, and our lighting systems are 25% more energy efficient than an office just built to meet code. Best of all, our electricity consumption is 44% less per square foot at our new office than it was at our previous space. Our employees bicycle to work, we recycle everything possible, we purchase green power, and generally try to live and work in the most sustainable way possible.

LEED Scorecard GOLD 32/57
Sustainable Sites

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Water Efficiency

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Energy & Atmosphere

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Material & Resources

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Indoor Environmental Quality

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