Spoons and Salvaged Cutting Tables

We found these fabulous tables at the Knox Heritage Salvage Room and had them refinished for the Shelton Group’s office. The tables came from the local Palm Beach sewing factory where they were used as cutting tables. Cut marks and needles can still be seen in the tops. The wood was refinished with linseed oil and beeswax by forK design. The legs were repainted in the original green shade which matches the office color palette.

Above the table we created Spoon Pendants by attaching collected spoons to a suspended LED fixture.  Beth, Megan and Andrew finished the fixtures on site. Just as important as overhead lighting, desktop lighting allows for reduced eye strain and lends light to daily tasks. After bending the spoons just above the neck, we were able to put eight to ten around small LED fixtures. We then wrapped and secured all the spoons with a small metal band.