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Spoons and Salvaged Cutting Tables

We found these fabulous tables at the Knox Heritage Salvage Room and had them refinished for the Shelton Group’s office. The tables came from the local Palm Beach sewing factory where they were used as cutting tables. Cut marks and needles can still be seen in the tops. The wood was refinished with linseed oil… Read more »

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Wall

With the project at the Shelton Group nearing completion, we want to show off a piece that is really coming together. As a part of a goal to use many recycled materials, we designed a wall made using reclaimed wood pallets. The pallets were collected from all over Knoxville, carefully deconstructed and have been installed… Read more »

LEED Gold- How did we do it? Part 8 of 9

Part 8: Daylight and Views “Daylighting reduces the need for electric lighting of building interiors, which, if integrated into the overall approach to lighting, can result in decreased energy use. A well-designed daylit building is estimated to reduce lighting energy use by 50% to 80%. This conserves natural resources and reduces air pollution impacts due… Read more »