Dutch Valley View Housing- LEED Gold

The Dutch Valley View project turned several significant challenges into opportunities.  As a result, it this project raises the standard of affordable housing for Knoxville.  The design for this housing project balanced a steeply sloping site with the need for the units to be accessible and a tight budget with the achievement of LEED Gold.

Dutch Valley View provides six, three bedroom units for single mothers with young children.  The two buildings face into a protected play area with views from the kitchen and living area of each home. The homes are energy efficient, water saving and built with healthy materials.  Additionally, operable windows and daylight are provided in all rooms.

All units are visit-able and one third of the units are wheelchair accessible.  They feature custom kitchen cabinetry adjusted for ease of use; height-adjusted switches, thermostats and closet shelving; and accessible plumbing fixtures and bathroom shelving. Attention to all of these details is critical, as they enable occupation by people of many different ages and abilities.

Most importantly for Knox Housing Partnership was to develop healthy, family friendly affordable housing with low utility costs. Dutch Valley View achieved this as well as LEED Gold certification.

LEED Homes Scorecard GOLD 88.5/136
Location and Linkages

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Sustainable Sites

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Water Efficiency

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Energy & Atmosphere

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Material & Resources

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Indoor Environmental Quality

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Awareness & Education

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Design Team

Elizabeth Eason Architecture LLC., Architect
Hedstrom Design, Landscape Architect
Will Robinson & Associates, Civil Engineer
Facilities Systems Consultants, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineers
Mallia Engineering, Structural Engineer