Women’s Care Group

Women’s Care Group relocated one of their clinics to an existing building in West Knoxville and wanted to create a more accessible and functional design for this new space. The project goal was to develop an organized and efficient layout and a calming environment while incorporating sustainable strategies.

The tenant build-out combined two lease space into an “L” shape. The check-in and check-out stations are centrally located at the intersection of the “L” shaped plan. This area is defined by curved walls and a ceiling feature with accent lighting.  The central location is easily seen from each exam room because clear circulation was a crucial component of the design.  Furthermore, the arrangement of spaces facilitates the team therefore each doctor’s office is grouped with its associated medical assistant’s station and exam rooms for efficient operations.

The interior finishes create a calming, tranquil experience for the patients while achieving specific sustainable goals. This concept was implemented with the use of colors and textures found in nature while durable, sustainable materials were used to promote a clean and healthy environment. For example, the high-traffic, bacteriostatic flooring is made from natural, renewable materials and recycled content. It achieves the goal for sustainable materials and provides a natural, warm wood grain texture. Energy efficient strategies were also included by utilizing daylighting for corridor and workspaces and installing LED lighting.

Elizabeth Eason Architecture creates designs that optimize the functions of spaces, promote a healthy environment, and implement a pleasing visual aesthetic. It was an enjoyable experience working with Woman’s Care Group to bring this project to a successful fruition.

Design Team

Elizabeth Eason Architecture LLC., Architect
Facility Systems Consultants, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineers

Construction Team

Johnson & Galyon Construction